BHS SKILLS ACADEMY is a hockey camp for young players who love hockey and want to take their game to the next level.
Here you train for Swedens best and most coveted young coaches and you will get top-level hockey training!

We train many top-prospects and NHL players and are passionate about developing the players technique so that they are able to reach their full potential. All our focus is on individual technique training and we work hard to improve the skater's preformance, stickhandling, pass and receptions. We also put a lot of focus on the shots so you score on the chances you create in the games.

We work closely with Newport Sports, the world's largest hockey agency, and we train their top prospects and NHL players in the summer.

At our camps we "see" all players and we care about that everyone is enjoying themselves. We usually only have one group on our camps and we will follow the players throughout the days, even at meals. There are often players coming alone from their club, but they get new friends right away and it's great to see how fast everyone is getting to know each other.

Our training philosophy is high intensity and accuracy, combined with hard work. Therefore, we ask that you, who attend BHS SKILLS ACADEMY, arrive on tim, listen and are focused.

You train in a NHL sweater and before every workout we go through what we are going to do, to get the highest possible pace when we start. You warm up, jog down and stretch after each session. For most, our hockeycamps means new types of exercises and we guarantee that you leave our hockeycamp as a better player.

We use smart products from Better Hockey that make exercise on ice and off-ice even more fun and efficient. More than 60 Swedish NHL players are training with Better Hockey products.

Sign up as soon as you can to be sure you get a spot. Our camps is usually fully booked very quickly.

Hope to see you at one of our hockeycamps!

Joakim Westberg



Soon at a rink near you!
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"Easily the best hockey camp I have attended. Great training and a very awesome coaches. I loved the off-ice training and we got a really nice goodiebag".
Calle Lundmark 2003

"Our son was about to quit hockey but after two hockeycamps with BHS SKILLS ACADEMY, he have found the passion for hockey again and trains off-ice for at least an hour each day. We give you the highest score".
Mats & Lisa Larsson

"Very professional setup! Fun that players get to feel like NHL professionals for a weekend. Incredibly good workouts, good food and no candy. Big plus for seeing all players on the ice ".
Mia Bergman